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Peoria and Pekin Union Railway License Plate

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Peoria and Pekin Union Railway License Plate

  • 6" x 12" Standard American Tag
  • .025 gauge aluminum
  • includes 4 mounting slots
  • 1/2" radius rounded corners
  • American Made Product
  • SUNSHIELD® UV Protective coating
  • Image is reproduction - final product might differ slightly
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 The Peoria and Pekin Union Railway is a switching and terminal railroad in Illinois that began operating in 1881 and was leased to the Tazewell and Peoria Railroad in 2004. Its main yard and roundhouse are in East Peoria, Illinois, and it owns track on both sides of the Illinois River. The company also owns a rail bridge over the river. By 1944, the P&PU was switching 14 major railways that ran into Peoria, an unusually high number of railways for a city the size of Peoria.  (Credit - Wikipedia)



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