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Great Northern RY "Empire Builder" Wall / Desk Plaque

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Great Northern RY "Empire Builder" Wall / Desk Plaque

  • 6" x 12" Wall Mountable / Desk Ready Aluminum plaque
  • 1/2" radius rounded corners
  • American Made Product
  • Image is reproduction - final product might differ slightly


On June 11, 1929, the Great Northern Railway inaugurated the Empire Builder in honor of the company's founder, James J. Hill. Known as "The Empire Builder," Hill had reorganized several failing railroads into a transcontinental railroad that reached the Pacific Northwest in the late 19th century.  Following World War II, Great Northern placed new streamlined and diesel-powered trains in service that cut the scheduled 2,211 miles between Chicago and Seattle from 58.5 hours to 45 hours.

The schedule allowed riders views of the Cascade Mountains and Glacier National Park, a park established through the lobbying efforts of the Great Northern. Re-equipped with domes in 1955, the Empire Builder offered passengers sweeping views of the route through three dome coaches and one full-length Great Dome car for first class passengers.



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