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Angelina & Neches River Railroad (A&NR)

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Angelina & Neches River Railroad (A&NR)

    •    6" x 12" .030 Gauge Aluminum
    •    Includes 4 Mounting Slots & 1/2" Radius Rounded Corners
    •    UV Protective coating to Prevent Fading
    •    Image is reproduction - final product might differ slightly
    •    Made in America

The Angelina & Neches River Railroad was founded in 1900 as a privately owned shortline railroad serving Lufkin and Angelina county shippers.  A&NR’s dedicated employees provide personalized transportation services based on strong partnerships with our customers.  A&NR trains move a diverse mix of products and raw materials including newsprint, ground-wood paper, lumber, chemicals, scrap metal, sugar, corn syrup, frac sand, aggregates and numerous industrial products.



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